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"You say I’m the one you want so come express it…"

Our Favorite Four Letter Word


Something that I was never familiar with when it came to having a significant other. I knew what it felt like with family and friends, but being in love is on a whole nother level. That person becomes a part of you. Your thoughts and your actions.

My experience has taught me that you can’t help who you fall for. You love that person, and every little thing about them, flaws and all. I’ve learned that love can make you blind, and even if two people love each other, situations can physically tear them apart. I would not call it lost love, more of unfinished love. A love that did not get a chance to see where it truly could go. Not to point fingers, but sometimes a person’s choices can lead to a path that they did not intend and make them miss out on an amazing opportunity.

I was always told to “never settle,” and that is what I did for 21 years, then I met someone who truly understood me and I felt was made just for me. Sadly through hesitancy, decisions, and fear, our journey is paused here.

What I learned is that when you can find someone who loves you just as much as you love them, someone who shares the same goals and that you click with mentally. And not just mentally, spiritually and physically. That out-of-body experience we all long for. Even though it may be too late for us, I have faith I’ll find it again.

This is what I want to convey. When you find that person who is everything you want, hold on to them. Don’t let them slip. Don’t be blinded by your past, but look forward to your future with that person. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by. Even if you guys are not together, embrace the love you have for that person. It will never be lost. If it is meant to be, it will be.

Peace and much love


I’m back :)

My year hiatus is over. It’s time for me to come back to the cyber world and express what I have learned in this past year. From love to heartbreak, from surprises to disappointments, I’ve learned a lot about myself in the whirlwind. I have poetry to share and thoughts to let out.

Even though 2012 was a trying year for me. I made it. I just have to make this year better because I am in control of my happiness. I’m not emotionally perfect right now by any means, but I’m dealing and moving forward.

I hope you all enjoy my poetry and random thoughts. Remember, your life is what you make it. Never settle for anything less.

Peace and much love



I love how they never touch each other; just bounce.


Tiny tots taking Taekwondo. 



(via 2011 South West Regional Day 3)

"Get your hands off my hips, and kiss my lips." 

So ready for this album to come out! 

15 more days :)